All You Need Is Love?

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02/11/2020 – Written by: Cindy Bahl, Director of Business Development

It’s February, so I’m thinking about the color red and the subject of love. What comes to mind is one of my favorite songs by The Beatles, “All You Need Is Love.” It’s a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head (not a bad thing) and you just want to hum or sing along. While there is some truth in the lyrics, “love” can mean so many things and is very subjective to the person. I might “love” hiking, kayaking, and my career, but I also “love” my family unconditionally from the depths of my heart. While I enjoy my job and being outdoors with nature, I need and love my family on a very different level. I consider myself a very fortunate person to “love” the work that I do, to bring meaning to my life and that of others, but not everyone has that opportunity.

In fact, many people with disabilities are either under-employed or unemployed. The 2018 United States Bureau of Labor indicated that the employment population ratio, the proportion of the population that is employed, was 19.1% among those with a disability. In contrast, the employment-population ratio for those without a disability was 65.9%. Yet, this population has the skills and talents along with the motivation to work. The people we serve would “love” to have a job to go to, a team to be a part of, and a paycheck to spend, but they often face many barriers to joining the workforce. This is where we get to help both the job seekers and employers in our community, so that they too can find their passion and “love” what they do!

I also “love” that our community is so supportive of our mission and that they show their support through sponsorship and participation at our Amplify! events. This February, join us in promoting and creating inclusive hiring opportunities for people with disabilities by showing some “love” and joining our wonderful sponsors. Help us Amplify! disability diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in our community, because we need more than “love”, we need YOU!

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