What is Amplify!?

Amplify! is a replicable cutting-edge employer engagement initiative created by Dirkse Counseling and Consulting in Portland, Oregon.  Branded in 2017, Amplify! is founded on the philosophy that we are stronger together.

Amplify! is an initiative that provides a formal platform for community collaboration and is an inspirational catalyst for cultural change.  The initiative consists of two professional employer engagement events per year: Amplify! Success in the fall and Amplify! Rock Stars in the spring. Amplify! Success is designed for inspiration and on-going education and Amplify! Rock Stars is a celebration of the achievements of employers and the community in the space of workplace inclusion. Between events, Amplify! continues to engage employers through inclusion consultation, workplace disability inclusion training, connection to a pool of qualified applicants with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and referral to partner resources.

Vision:  We envision a workplace that affirms and includes the abilities of all people.

Mission: We harness the power of community to bring employers and partners together to be inspired and equipped to include the talent pool of people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Empower Your Workforce
Affirm Abilities
Amplify Success!