It All Starts with a Conversation

Once again we want to thank those who attended Amplify Success on October 19th and for those who expressed interest in the Oregon Employment First Diversity Challenge!

We wanted to share with you some of progress to date and the process we will use to help Oregon Employers become more diverse and inclusive in the workplace and to especially include individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).

The first objective of Amplify! was to engage people within any level of an organization, company, or government entity to begin to make a difference in the recruiting and employment of job seekers with I/DD. Whether those who responded want to dive right in and get all AMPED UP, or get more information and develop a vision, it is all good and we can help!

What’s Next?

We currently have appointments with 10 employers who responded and want to get “All Amped Up” before the New Year!  There is still time and opportunity for you; just reach out and we will connect.

The process begins with a simple conversation around the following goals:

  • To hear your vision
  • Discuss your current disability employment practices
  • Identify your strengths and needs
  • Develop an action plan

We look forward to reporting on the progress of these activities and next spring sharing the success stories that come from employers taking these first steps.

SAVE THE DATE:  Thursday, May 31st, 2018
“We Amped Up”!

A wrap up event hosted by Embassy Suites, Washington Square in order to share and honor those employers who took the challenge! Watch for more information in the coming months!

Cindy Bahl
Business Development Manager & Event Coordinator

Heidi Dirkse-Graw, MS, CRC, LPC

Why Amplify!?

Because disability inclusion matters.
It benefits business.
It benefits us all.

Empower Your Workforce
Affirm Abilities
Amplify Success!