What’s Your Story?

I recently had the opportunity to share a success story with readers of a local publication, “The Beaverton Resource Guide”.  I am always proud to write these monthly success stories featuring an individual (or two) who have reached their career goal and been hired by a local business or organization.  The story usually involves a little about the individual and the challenges they face when job searching and then a little about the players involved in helping them along the way and of course, about the employer who hired them.  The May, 2018 issue* that just hit the stands is one I am particularly proud to share as it is featuring an employer who attended our Amplify Success event last October.

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Sharon Person, Assistant Human Resources Manager of the Raleigh Hills Fred Meyer attended the Amplify Success event and shared that the event inspired her to see the ability in people first and to recognize the value of each person.  Sharon stated “attending Amplify Success brought awareness of how I could help out and I felt more comfortable having resources.  It is important to engage with people, to get to know them and what their abilities are.”   Her attitude matches the Fred Meyer philosophy of inclusive work culture that values and appreciates individual differences and provides equal opportunity to all; reflecting their customers and community which is also a perfect fit for our job seekers who experience disability.

As a result, Ms. Person hired two young adults seeking their first paid job in the community. Both have the attitude and ability to do the job and both embody the Fred Meyer customer service motto.  They now enjoy some of the same benefits you and I enjoyed as we experienced our first jobs; earning a paycheck, helping our families and working as part of a team.  But without someone like Ms. Person at Fred Meyer to see their ability and the value they bring, they may not have the same opportunities as you and me.

So, what is YOUR story?  If you attended Amplify Success last fall and were inspired to see the ability in all people; what has changed for you, for your company or organization?  Have you started a conversation, developed a plan or initiative?  Have you engaged with us or others for Disability Diversity and Inclusion Training?  Have you hired someone with a disability or provide opportunities that may not have been there before?  What have you done?  We’d like to hear from you; we’d like to share your story too!  Feel free to contact us today and don’t forget to register for Amplify Rock Stars, a celebration of success stories that will include our friends at Fred Meyer.

*CLICK HERE to read full Beaverton Resource Guide Story

Get involved in the cultural movement – Consider working with your local Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation office and Oregon Employment First who will connect you with agencies like Dirkse CC to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities in your workplace.  We are here to help you see the abilities in people and to look beyond the disability.  We want to help reduce the myths, fears and biases that may impact your hiring and retention of this untapped workforce.

Let us help you change your perception of ability so that you too can become “Rock Stars” and amplify your workplace with inclusion for all.

To become a sponsor or for more information contact: Cindy Bahl, Dirkse CC Business Development & Amplify Rock Stars Event Coordinator – 503-258-7715 or cindy@dirksecc.com/info@amplifysuccess.org

We are here for you; to assist you and your business/organization with your disability diversity initiatives in 2018.  Because we believe:

Disability inclusion matters

It benefits business

It benefits us all.

Empower Your Workforce
Affirm Abilities
Amplify Success!