What Employers Are Saying About Amplify!

By: Cindy Bahl, Business Development Manager & Amplify! Event Coordinator, Dirkse Counseling & Consulting, Inc.

Last week I wrote about why I think employers should attend Amplify! on Thursday, October 19th.  But why take my advice?  Why not read about what other employers have to say?

I recently had the opportunity to interview three employers who were willing to go on camera and share their “why” and what they hoped to achieve by attending Amplify!  Here are some excerpts from the outstanding video now in production thanks to our friend Elie Bulka at One Click Studio (I just couldn’t wait to share!)

Meet Chris Venneman, Owner of Dryer Vent Wizard; a relatively new company, looking forward to growth and hiring more people for his service-based team who of course, cleans, installs and repairs dryer vents.  Chris shared “I’m interested in attending the Amplify Success! Event in October so that I can find out more about Oregon Employment First and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in our community.”  Perfect reason Chris!

Mark Spiegelberg, Business Development Manager for The Barbers and 10 of the Washington County franchise locations said, “There’s such a great base of people who want to work in the community and I just want to help get the word out because I’ve seen what it does in our business and I really want to encourage other businesses to do the same.”  Mark and his team have done just that by hiring Sign Holders to help bring attention and awareness to their business.  The Barbers really are cutting edge!

Leupold and Stevens is a local employer that you may not have heard about but they are right in the heart of Beaverton; manufacturing military and outdoor recreational equipment.  Sr. Consultant in Employee Relations, Jennifer Hunstman shared “I want to learn more about these work place assessments where we can figure out what jobs we have that match individuals with disabilities skill sets.  This helps us find qualified team members that are part of a largely untapped labor pool out there.”

There you have it . . . Employers giving you their reasons why you need to attend Amplify!  Register Today!

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